My Recent Obsession: tobi.

Okay, so I am easily one of the cheapest spenders in the world, my friends and family can vouch for that. I thrive off of finding amazing deals for clothing and jewelry, and I believe that once purchased it feels much more satisfying knowing how much of a bargain it was!

About a month ago, one of my best friends discovered an online clothing store called tobi (yes, it is all lowercase, not a grammar error). Not only do you get 50% your first order, there is also free shipping, free returns, and they're new shipments are always 30% off. I was shocked, so I had to see if this was actually true - and it definitely was. Never in my 18 years have I heard of a store with such amazing deals without there being a negative aspect. So, like any other excited teenager, I decided I deserved to splurge a little bit; albeit I hadn't shopped for months in order to pay for my textbooks.

Below are some of the purchases I've made from tobi:

"Sweet On You" Top $37 ($18) 50% off

"My Flare Lady" Sweater $62 ($31) 50% off

"Wrap A Tulip" Dress $44 ($22) 50% off
"Rose Noire" Dress $50 ($25) 50% off
All of these items are high quality, comfortable, true to size AND most importantly, it looks the same way as it does on the model, which most often is not the case. Just a reminder, this is no advertisement (they're just that amazing). Stay beautiful guys! I'll most likely be posting and OOTD tomorrow and maybe some other things :) xx

Shop other looks at tobi here!

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