October: San Diego Style

I think it's safe to say that I literally wait ALL YEAR so that I can wear my adorable sweaters and sexy knee high boots. However, San Diego welcomed Autumn with more of a heated twist. Don't get me wrong, I love this city and I have for eighteen years now, but I'm getting a little impatient here. I can't help but to wallow in my own jealousy when I see all of the other fabulous bloggers over on the east coast getting snug in their Acne sweaters and Saint Laurent boots, not to mention the beanies, gloves, and scarves which are my favorite accessories of all time.

So, feeling like someone that had way too much time on their hands, I checked the weather. Mid-80's smacked all over the incoming weeks and I had to constrain myself from basically having a mental breakdown. I can't help but to stare at my untouched Vince Camuto boots sitting in my closet, probably covered in dust by now. Like any other Autumn-obsessed fashion blogger with a desperate need for climate change (because there's tons right?) I went on Polyvore!

I can't help but to just drool over these outfits and fathom the fact that I couldn't wear these outfits without undergoing heatstroke. Now that my never ending complaints are out of my system I think I'm going to get some work done. Look out for an OOTD on Thursday! xx


  1. Cute outfits!


  2. I adore those boots:D
    These outfits are amazing!!

    Tales Of A Fashion Sketchbook

  3. Love these outfits! They are perfect for October!


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