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Apologies for the 24 hour delay on this post but trust me, the wait is well worth it. I have a skin care regime that will guarantee perfect skin for ANYONE who struggles with acne like I do. My eyebrow specialist suggested I try a skin care line that she sells in her office. I hadn't heard of it so I did have some speculation as to what it really was and if it would even work.

Beginning in 1987, Daisy Skin Care has shell shocked me with the results I've received by just using their medicated cleanser and acne treatment. Unlike other acne products, it is painless and easy to use. The only thing that I advise is to be consistent with the use, if you stop using it for a period of time you will not get the results that you desire. Also, they sell other products for things such as anti-aging and help with whitening the skin.

Also, within the first two weeks I did experience some redness, dryness and irritation on the problem areas I had on my face. I consulted my specialist and she just said that the skin had to get used to the product and that will soon go away.

I am now on week 4 and the results are phenomenal. The outcome of this regime has been so great that people call it "Liquid Gold". Did I mention that the total price is under $100?! Amazing, I know. So check it out! I will post links to both their website and the products I use. Stay beautiful!

**I was not endorsed or asked to talk about this product, it's just that great.**


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  1. This is very interesting!
    Seems like a great product, I think i will try it first with a sample to decide!:)



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