January Favorites // 2015

So these are the products that I have been really obsessing over this month. Some I own some I don't.

Striped Tee: This is, in my opinion, a must have in anyones wardrobe. It's just a casual piece that can be paired with almost anything. Personally, I like to pair mine with a leather jacket to get a mix of nautical with edge.

Balenciaga Papier A6 Zip Around Shoulder Bag: If I had to choose a designer bag to seriously consider purchasing, it would be this one. I have seen this bag in person and I love how it's a smaller bag but it has SO much storage inside without it looking really chunky. It's also reminiscent of the Celine Nano Bag that I was in love with, which is no longer available *wipes tears*. 

Tortoise Sunglasses: Honestly, I used to HATE tortoise sunglasses until recently. They are starting to grow on me and I can't figure out why. But they're cute, and they will be mine.

Rompers: Rompers are so great to wear if you need a fast outfit, because you don't look rushed. I prefer rompers to anything else, especially in the Summer time. I have also noticed that the lace trim is getting very popular this year, and lace is my favorite material so I'm stoked.

Cut-Out Rings: Cut-out rings can really add to any outfit. I especially love stacking them together. Also, they're like SUPER cheap when you get them at Forever 21! Don't waste your money on dainty rings, they're just as cute no matter where they're from.

White Shoes: Whether its booties or sneakers, white shoes are an easy way to make your outfit instantly chic. I love those Steve Madden white booties, they would go so well with light wash jeans or leather pants!

Stella McCartney "Falabella" Wallet: This wallet is one of my favorites and has been for a long time. The great thing about Stella McCartney is that she uses vegan leather and her pieces aren't necessarily impossible to afford. Similar to Alexander Wang bags, they usually run between $400 to $1,500 at the MOST. So if you're looking for a high quality designer bag at a smaller price, definitely check out Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang.

Light Wash Jeans: The perfect piece for Spring and Summer. It's so important to own a pair of light wash jeans because they're so easy to dress up or down. I especially love pairing them with a white tee and converse, a very easy outfit that can be worn for almost anything.

Dita Von Teese Tattoo Liner: Ok I wanna start off by saying that it isn't ACTUAL TATTOO EYELINER, some people get confused with the name. What it means is that it's waterproof and never smudges, so it's basically a tattoo. I recently went to Sephora on the search for the perfect liquid liner. I was introduced to this and decided to give it a go. This is the BEST F*CKING EYELINER. Not kidding, it never smudges. Ever. It only costs $20 and it lasts forever. If you need an eyeliner that's straight up black, waterproof, and super easy to apply, please buy this you will not regret it.

NARS Lipstick in Audacious: Burgundy lips are easily the sexiest thing you could put on your face. I was inspired by Rihanna's look and she looks damn sexy in this color. I recommend this color if you aren't into that cherry red lip like I am!



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