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Hello everyone!!

I'm sorry for such a delayed post, I know I said it would be on the weekend but I've been so swept up in work and school lately it's crazy. Not too long ago, an online clothing store called eShakti sent me an ADORABLE tunic to try out for them.

The great thing about the store is they embrace and understand that each women is built differently, so instead of sending an average size small or 4, they ALSO ask for your sleeve length, bust size, height, etc. This is so that it is especially customized just for you!

Although I am a size small/4, my arms are longer than the average girl my height, so I often have the problem of getting tops with sleeves that are WAY too short for my arms. I was relieved to see that eShakti requested that I give them a personalized sleeve length! You really get the best for your buck because no one wants to get a piece that looks amazing on the model but terrible in real life.

Soooo, here is the tunic they sent me!

eShakti Tunic - Forever 21 Glasses (Similar), Steve Madden Booties (Similar) - Michael Kors Belt (Similar)

So I will say that I am pleased with how it turned out, but I had hoped that it would be a bit shorter so that I could wear it to the beach without making it look like an actual dress. Also, I wasn't aware there were sequins on the chest area. Overall, I'm happy with this piece and can't wait to wear it during the summer!

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