February Favorites // 2015

Hey guys! So now that February has come and gone, I thought I would share some of my favorite things during the short month. Some of these favorites will either be trends, items, and beauty products.

I will begin with my favorite trends this month:

Fringe: Fringe can be used in many ways. During Fashion Week, I saw a lot of fringe being utilized, both on and off the runway especially in shoes and jackets. Designer Rebecca Minkoff beautifully featured fringe in her boots for the upcoming AW collection below:

Blue Statements: I have always been a fan of adding a statement to an outfit. It makes people look, it catches attention, and for me, it helps me add a bit of color to my monochromatic wardrobe. I think that blue statements just look so chic and edgy, especially in bags and shoes. Here are a couple looks below:

Now I will move on to my favorite items!

Flared Jeans: Ok let me get this straight, I used to HATE flared jeans. I thought they looked tacky and should be left behind in the memories of past decades. However, I have been seeing it make a comeback lately and I must say that I am now loving it. Here are some looks below:

Mirrored Sunglasses: Another hate-turned-to-love piece. I believe that if you wear mirrored sunnies with the right thing, it can look very "sporty chic". These will be a very popular summer trend! Try these looks for inspiration:

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B Tote Mini: This bag has been very popular among other fashion bloggers, my personal favorite is the pastel purple or marble prints. This is a perfect bag for upcoming Spring/Summer. It's small but has storage, and also has a very timeless structure. Here are some looks below:

So these are all of the things that I have been loving this past month! I know its lengthy but I hope you all enjoy :) x


**Here are the bloggers that I used for the looks: songofstyle, Sugar and Shine, The Wellfed Wardrobe, and WEWOREWHAT. The rest are either celebrities or photographs of people during Fashion Week.

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