my handbag essentials

Hey guys!

So today I thought that I would share my handbag essentials just for everyday use. Now I don't normally carry medium sized handbag but rather a smaller messenger. BUT, if I am doing something that requires me to be gone all day I'll use a bigger bag.

This is my Michael Kors bag and I received it as a Christmas present about two years back and I'm OBSESSED with it. It's a great size and can be worn both as a handbag or as a messenger since it comes with the longer strap. It has a lot of storage and the hardware makes it extremely durable.

Some of the things up above are pretty self-explanatory but I'll still name the products just in case :)

1) My iPhone/Headphones: I mean this doesn't need explanation. I always need my phone it's almost like an attached limb to me, without it I'm incomplete.

2) Wallet (duh).

3) Laura Geller Spackle Primer: Ok I know what you're thinking, "Why the hell do you keep a primer in your bag" OK, to answer your question I used it as a sunscreen because it has an SPF 30 in it. Where I live the sun is constantly out, sunscreen is a major essential for me because the sun can be really damaging.

4) My Prada sunnies. Saved up for these beauties and even though I have a lot of other pairs these are my #1.

5) Bath and Body Work Vanilla Mist Spray: I like to have a small little perfume in my bag because for some reason scent rubs off on me very quickly so I like to have this in my bag to reapply if I'm meeting with people or for any other reason!

6) Kleenex pack: I have a very sensitive nose which means it gets irritated easily WHICH MEANS I sneeze a lot. It's embarrassing but I have to live with it so having some Kleenex/tissue with me is really helpful. It's also Frozen themed because Frozen is f****** awesome.

7) Mally Volumizing Mascara: BEST. MASCARA. EVER. I can't remember if I've talked about these already... Honestly though, it lengthens and curls my lashes so easily and it lasts throughout the day. I like to have this especially if I'm in class all day and need to use it if I go out after.

8) MAC Lipstick in Ruby: You never know. You just never know. A red lipstick moment can come anytime and you have to be ready.

9) iT Illuminating Powder and Powder Brush: I really like this powder because it makes my skin look like it's glowing and it doesn't give a cakey feel but instead kind of a dewy look without becoming oily because I have very very very oily skin.

10) GUM: You should always have gum or mints with you because there's nothing worse than bad breath. I like the box I keep them in because they don't melt or go everywhere in the bag!

11) Stain Remover Pen: If you're clumsy like myself and ever get food on you, this is a really quick and easy way to get rid of the stain! Game changer, I swear.

12)Water: Always have water. Stay hydrated because healthy!!

13) Urban Decay Setting Spray: If I was on a deserted island and I could pick three things, it would be water, shelter, AND THIS SPRAY. Best thing ever, my makeup never melts off with it.

So those are the things I usually like to bring with me for the day! Comment below if you guys have any other things you bring with you in your handbag/backpack/fanny pack (?).

I hope you all enjoyed this post :)


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