nyc // a recap

Hello everybody!!

I know I've been quite absent for a while now because I have just been super tied up in school and work. If any of you are college students, you are familiar with the term "The Wave". This is when all of your professors decide to smack you with loads of assignments all due at the same time. Currently, I need to write two essays, one research paper, and study for two midterms.

ANYWAY, now onto the fun part. Last week I was lucky enough to go to Washington DC and New York for about seven days. It was my first time in DC and third time in NYC and it just never gets old. My hotel was right on 5th Avenue so the shopping and Central Park was just a walk away.

Here are some photos I took whilst in DC (apologies for the quality, didn't want to be lugging my huge camera everywhere).

Arlington National Cemetary
Hope Diamond - Smithsonian (Worth $350 Million)
 Lincoln Memorial (favorite part of entire trip)

Wasn't really able to do a lot of shopping in DC but I was mainly there as a tourist trying to see as many sights as I possibly could. I felt so blessed I was able to see my Nation's Capital (as much as I could in two days). 

NOW, onto New York. Can you guys believe that we [me, my mom and her friends] had to take a five hour BUS there? Talk about riding in style. Anyways, it ended up not being to bad and I was able to get some sleep so I was totally ready for when we got there. The hotel was beautiful, super antique and the service was phenomenal. Unfortunately I don't have a picture because they didn't allow it :(
 A Random Street (?)
Chelsea Market. Coolest shops ever and very indie.
MET. And yes I sat on the steps like they did in Gossip Girl.
 Beautiful display at Chanel.
LADUREE. Cutest lil restaurant ever. I want to have afternoon tea there next time!
Central Park. So beautiful but SO freezing.

I will admit that I did do a lot of shopping, but I didn't really buy much. My two huge purchases are this Rebecca Minkoff bag and these Sam Edelman booties. Although it felt like Winter there, I made sure to remind myself to shop for Spring because its been in the 70's in SD.

Overall, I'm so happy with my purchases and with everything I saw. If any of you have gone to New York you know that it's impossible to see everything in just one trip. I might just have to go back later *insert smug face here*.

Can I also mention that I got lost on my way to Central Park?? Google Maps took me on a weird route which led me to the Met. I was so confused/thirty minutes late to lunch at the Boathouse. Oops.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be back next week with another post. Make sure you keep up with me through my instagram and tumblr

Love you all xo

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