A Weekend in LA

Hello everybody!

Today I thought I'd share my weekend in LA from last week. A few friends and I traveled up there for my friend's 19th birthday and we had the greatest time. No matter how many times I go there I can never run out of things to do.

On Friday we were mostly just driving up there and didn't arrive until about 4. We headed straight to Santa Monica and went around Third Street Promenade and the famous pier. It was super cloudy which kinda sucked but going on those rides never get old (even if they're a bit childish). Here's some pics I took while I was there:

I always forget that everything is bigger in LA, especially their stores which are always at least two stories for some reason. After the pier we quickly hit up the Pinkberry and made our way to the apartment we were staying in. 

We stayed in Pasadena which was such a cool, little town. I saw the funkiest little stores like candy shops and vintage restaurants. They really care about their history there, and I have major respect for that. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures worth sharing (sorry!). At night we had a nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Kabuki, and then went bowling.

NOW FOR THE FUN PART, we finally got to my favorite part of LA which is Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. I never find myself getting bored at these places because I find it so fascinating that everyone there looks filthy rich and spotting those Chanel and Celine bags is so cool am I right ladies.

I went to the usual tumblr-ish stuff people go to aka looking super artsy in front of the Paul Smith building, hitting up Urth Caffe, driving down Sunset Blvd and going to Hollywood.

 Paul Smith
 Shirt: Brandy Melville | Shorts: Zara | Jacket: Brandy Melville | Shoes: Sam Edelman
 Outside Hollywood
Urth Caffe

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