Style Spotlight: Harry Styles

I'M BACK!!!!!

Hey guys!! I have finally returned and to ease in to the blogging grind I've decided to start with a style spotlight.

Okay, Harry Styles. Yes I'm aware he wears men's clothing but that shouldn't stop anyone from taking inspiration because I know I have!

As someone who doesn't have a very feminine style, I try to also look at menswear for inspo and Harry Styles is basically the god of men's style. If you don't know who he is (shame on you!) he is a member of the boyband One Direction and a major fashion icon.

Taking sponsorships from Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Burberry his style is nothing short of experimental and unique; I think we could all learn a lesson from Styles and just wear what we want. 

In an interview at the British Fashion Awards in 2014, he was asked why he has been seen as so successful in the fashion world, he simply responds, "I just like wearing clothes". As humble as that is, he also makes sure that he is working with his stylists when on tour and attending events.

Let's first begin with his fabulous suits and how he totally destroys the assumption that suits always look boring.

 BAFTA 2014
LFW 2015

Prints like the ones shown above are a great way to make a statement while looking formal at the same time. It's not to the point where it's super loud but it makes you think, "WOW".

Next I'll discuss his infamous printed blouses which I am honestly obsessed with. If they weren't so pricey I would get some myself!

I am getting heart eyes so bad rn. Anyways, his blouses are what he's mostly known for and that is what fashion is all about: making something your own. Now anytime I see someone wearing a printed blouse his name comes to my head right away. How cool would it be if someone saw someone else and they are immediately reminded of you?! #goals

Next up: boots galore. He is also well-known for making a statement with his shoes. Mostly thanks to Saint Laurent, boots like his could light up the entire room.

Heart eyes are flying around everywhere. Anyways, wearing shoes as a statement has been very in trend lately and Harry has been taking advantage of it. It's always best to pair it with the rest of your outfit being monochromatic so it's not as clashing!

I bet you're wondering now, "How do I incorporate his style into my style?" and I have some sets below to help you out!

I really hope this post helped out with those of you who are into experimenting with new style. Remember, anyone can inspire anyone!

Stay beautiful xx

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