A Blogger's Guide to a De-Cluttered 2016

Hello everyone!!

So the first week of 2016 has come to its end and I think it's time I discussed how to do a complete cleanse for the coming year.

For me, it was cleaning out my closet, throwing things out that I hadn't seen in years, and also doing more of a social cleanse by getting rid of people who had a negative effect on my life.

I'll start with the closet. I did not BELIEVE how much s*** I had in there that I haven't seen or worn in years. I was successfully able to condense by closet space by one half and it took this huge burden off of my shoulders.

I looked at a few processes online to help me and I wanna show you guys what I found!

The first step in cleaning out your closet is to just pull anything you haven't worn in a year, clothes that no longer fit you, or clothes you even forgot you had in the first place.

Here's a little cheat sheet, courtesy of Buzzfeed, to help you!
Now with the clothes you want to toss, I recommend you separate them into two piles: one for charity and one to bring into consignment shops.

I have never really been a fan of selling clothes on eBay or any other online store because it justs takes too long and I think that selling things in consignment shops is helpful for those who can't afford nice clothes. Also, selling your clothes shouldn't be a bargaining process, maintain the idea that you just need everything to get out as fast as possible.

With these earnings you can either refresh your wardrobe for the coming year or put it in savings! As a starving college student I use my earnings to pay tuition and save up for a future apartment.

Another thing I like to do is premature spring cleaning. The wise Michael Scott from The Office once said, "If you do your Spring cleaning in January, guess what you don't have to do in the Spring? Anything."

Since I still live with my parents this only consists of cleaning my bedroom, bathroom, and closet. I would also like to give a massive thank you to Pinterest for helping an idiot like me clean.

Once again, I have some checklists for you that I found that can help.

 Another thing you can do to get organized is by office supplies. There's nothing that gets me more amped than a brand new planner or some sexy storage boxes (lame, I know). So underneath are some items you can get to feel more organized in life.

click on picture for links to items!

There is nothing more cleansing than throwing out half of your crap to begin the New Year. Plus, MAJOR shoutout to Kate Spade for having such amazing...everything? Yeah.

As for getting rid of the negative people in your life, it may sound harsh but you really just need to discontinue all contact you had from them, including all social media. Social media can often be more toxic than anything and when you still having those people on it it can be even worst. Keep those who love you and end your relationships with those who don't, it's that simple. I didn't really want to go over this too much since I have in the past quite frequently!

Hope this helps to give you a well-rounded idea of how to get organized! I'm also going to leave some cleaning playlists all from 8tracks so you can listen for free! Cleaning is draining without it.

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