How I Went from a 2.0 to a 3.7 GPA in College


How is everyone?! 

A little catch up, I'm close to being halfway through my internship as a Style Guru at CollegeFashionista and I'm having so much fun. I have met so many great people and I just feel SO blessed to do what I love: writing and fashion.

I have also taken up an accounting class over the summer and oh my god it's so stressful, you guys. Doing 12 hours of numbers and balance sheets every week can really take a toll, but it's gotta be done! Other than that, I have quit my retail job because I also need to apply to transfer to university (*sigh*) but I'll most likely return in the fall.

Now that we're all caught up, I think it's time I finally get to the actual point of the post.

Grade. Point. Average.

I always thought how scary it was how one little number literally affects your future, that number is your GPA.

So a little backdrop: I used to HATE school. I know a lot of people say this, but I actually despised it with my entire being. I was that student that just sat on their phone in class and wanted to talk to their friends instead. School, for me, was a social thing with the option of being studious.

I was so bad at school that I wasn't even eligible to apply for college (pathetic, I know) and I saw all of my friends getting accepted left and right. It didn't feel too great. I found myself living at home, going to community college.

So now I'm in college finally (community college), and I thought that I was ready to become an adult and actually make an effort. 

BOY, was I wrong. I finished my first semester with a...1.92 GPA. I'm serious. Didn't think it could go that low? Neither did I. I got an F in remedial math, a C in humanities, an A in remedial english, and a B in chemistry. I was so disappointed because I finally thought I could prove I was ready to succeed but once again I failed.

Fast forward two and a half years, and I now have a 3.65 GPA unweighted, three partial scholarships, one acceptance, and 4 grants. I really wish I could admit that it was a unique comeback story, but it's as cliche as you can get. I'm pretty sure the majority of my audience is in college so I really hope this is relatable.

Now for the solution: How did I raise my GPA so drastically?

My simple answer: I worked my ass off.

But, you're not here for a single sentence solution, you need to know the specifics of how to become a successful student. Duh.

Before I go all TEDtalk on you, please know that I am in no way, shape or form saying this will have the same effect it did on me, but I truly believe it will help.*

1. Determine your long-term goal with three subgoals.

We're all in school for the same reason, to get a good job and a good life. However, you need to pinpoint a specific goal that will fuel your motivation to succeed, in whatever way success means to YOU. Here's mine: 

Long-Term Goal: Get a job in the business-fashion industry. 
                             Subgoal: Transfer to a great university. 
                             Subgoal: Graduate with business degree.
                             Subgoal: Move to the East Coast (NY).

Having these goals will act as your conscience to continue to succeed in college. Shoot for the stars! Don't ever settle.

2.  Manage your time/prioritize.

Probably the most important step, managing your time is crucial to college success because if you can master the art of time management, you're pretty much unstoppable. Do whatever it takes, get a good planner, a time cube, set alarms on your phone for tasks, etc. Be realistic, too. Don't just schedule two hours of studying and then go straight into an hour at the gym. You aren't a robot; plan some time to relax for a bit, even if it's just ten minutes. If you can't afford a planner or it's not your thing, here are some free printables that I swear by!

3. Don't cram.

OMG I can't emphasize this enough, cramming is honestly the equivalent of taking the road down to hell. Cramming = Failure. If you have a test coming up, study for it twenty minutes daily two weeks prior to exam day. I have crammed until 6 AM before and imminently failed the test. I began the gradual process of understanding the information, DON'T memorize.

4. Wake Early, Sleep Early.

Sorry for all you night owls out there, but many studies have shown that the most optimal time to study is between 8 to 10 AM. I'm not staying it's wrong to study at night, because I do it all the time. BUT, our brain is most alert in the early morning so if you are stressing on test day, wake up a bit earlier to knock out some terms. If you're interested in optimal studying, I suggest you go to bed at 11 PM and wake at 7 AM. You feel so much better health-wise and you get more of the day to do things! Waking up early will also get you ready for that 9-to-5 job.

5. Maintain a Balance.

My last step is more about wellness, but it has made me a more successful student so I'll share it. Don't ever close off your other activities for school. If you want a part-time job, get a job. Same goes for going out. If it's a Friday night and your friends want to go out, say yes. Want to travel? Go travel. It doesn't have to be workworkwork all the time, no matter what Rihanna says (lol). Last summer I was an idiot and closed everything off except for school and I went into the darkest depression. Pick two days a week to just do whatever you want. I hang out with friends, write, work out, SHOP, and pamper myself. Don't ever let one thing dictate your entire life, that is the recipe for failure.

These are just a few of the steps I took but honestly I could write a book on college success and this post is already pretty lengthy. A small tip: if your school offers personal growth as a class, TAKE IT. Even if you have good grades it is the most enlightening class and I recommend it. I have learned so many life lessons from it and it counts as a General Ed spot! Win-win.

Also look at my productivity board on Pinterest for more tips. :*

You can also always email me at or message me on tumblr or instagram for specific help!

I hope to be more active in the summer time and I think this is a great start!

Love you .x
*This process in no way guarantees equal results. Everyone is different, take these tips and calibrate them to fit your personal schedule.

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