Politics: Why College Students MUST be Interested

Hi, guys!!

How has everyone's summer been?!

Mine has consisted of school, internship, applying, and dying of heat. Basically, it's just your average San Diegan college kid summer, nothing special.

Now to the good stuff. I am writing about quite a controversial topic today: politics.

Ah yes, politics, the usual argument arising from places like your family dinner table to the snarky posts on Facebook from that one person you went to high school with five years ago. All-in-all, it's best to take caution to discuss politics with anyone you know.

But I'm not here to get in the nooks and crannies of policy, I am here today to tell you that if you don't care about politics as a student, then you should.

The reason why I am limiting my audience today to college students is because, cliche or not, we are the next generation and the people in office will be the people who dictate what policies will or will not be in action when we enter the job force, need homes, and have children.

Fortunately, there is no time better than now to become interested. It's safe to say that the current presidential election is the most controversial to date; people's true colors are showing, including mine.

Now look, if you are in your late teens or early to mid-twenties, you NEED to be into politics and current events. I'm not say you should make it your top priority, but don't you think that the events happening now that will eventually be put in history books deserve to be known?

If you have no idea what's going on right now, research and know your stuff. Employers and older colleagues will take you more seriously. If you really think about it, the current political events happening now will be shaping all of our futures regardless of age. We're all technically adults now so unfortunately, the time has come to be interested in adult things!

I'll tell you how you can get started:

First, you should be reading/watching more than one news source. On one side you have Fox News, who is notorious for their right-winged rhetoric, and then you have CNN, which is mostly left and there is a bunch of people yelling at each other. Right: conservative Left: liberal.

Second, find out what party you belong to, or if you belong to one at all. I personally don't identify myself with a specific party because I have views that are very scattered. Use this link to take a quiz and they will put you in a party, kind of like the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter!

Also, know who your local senators and representatives are. You may not think that they will ever respond, but I actually have gotten prompt responses, whether it be from a secretary or not.

If you come across someone you disagree with, please don't be that person and fight with them about the issues. It comes off as immature and that person will probably lose respect for you. If you do have opposing views, discuss them in a professional and respectful manner. Who knows? You might even learn something from it.

Make sure you watch the news, MULTIPLE sources every day. America is moving fast so missing out on one day can make a huge difference. Also, no offense, but BuzzFeed is not a news source. Try New York Times or CNN.

Each news source is going to have some type of bias because they're human just like us, so getting multiple sources is going to give you a more well-rounded view on things. I could honestly never be a conservative, but I still find their opinions and views valuable and I understand them.

I recommend you take it slow, make sure you're getting well-rounded information, and you become passionate about today's events!

Our generation is living through the history our children are going to learn in school, so make sure you're involved!

Love you, guys x

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