I Have Accepted Trump as my President-Elect

I have had this blog post in my head constantly during the past few days, and it took time for me to piece it together so I won't offend anyone. I am not a Trump supporter, but I have accepted his presidency.

So before you start screaming at me in the comments or threaten me with harsh rhetoric, here's a little background about my political views:

I am a registered Independent, socially liberal, and economically conservative. I am not racist, sexist or homophobic in any way. I am an Asian-American female student. My first choice for office was Sen. Bernie Sanders. While I originally did not want to cast my vote this general election, I was truly afraid of what a Trump administration could do to this country. Therefore, I cast my vote, reluctantly, to Hillary Clinton.

In my mind, having a female president clouded my mind to the point that her flaws were indistinguishable. I never truly realized how dangerous it was to utilize a private email server during her time as SOS or act poorly with Benghazi. The fact that she was female going against a man who cringes to the idea of a woman taking the White House, made me make the decision to vote for her. While I admit she made many mistakes in her past, I believe Hillary Clinton, still, would make a great Madam President. Her qualifications speak for themselves and her passion for this country is fierce and unique.

Several days have passed and the reality of Hillary Clinton as president is no more. Donald Trump won fair and square, and I think a lot of people are having a hard time processing that.

When I found out, I wept. My dad had to hold me and calm me down because I was so fearful of my rights getting ripped away. I concluded that he would never by MY president before I even gave him a chance.

Throughout his campaign, he erected a national movement dedicated to political incorrectness and "making America great again". While some of us don't believe America isn't great, there's a large number of citizens who beg to differ. He's offended multiple minorities, proposed a ban on Muslims, and was determined to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. These proposals are close to impossible, and yet he ignited a fire within his supporters that could never be put out.

He started a movement, which makes him stand out among other candidates. Now that he is the president-elect, those radical statements he made in the past have suddenly died down. Three days later, and I have not seen a horrid tweet or demeaning action. He needed to win this election to realize that the President of the United States can't just say those things.

While he has said the most radical things in a presidential campaign, those things have led him to the presidency. I need you liberals, NeverTrump-ers, and social justice warriors to see this in a bigger picture.

First, Trump is now President-elect and there's no going back. I appreciate peaceful protests as much as the next guy, but when protests turn to riots (e.g Portland), I can no longer support that. Protesting this issue with violence conflicts with your views on peace in America. If someone disagrees with you, you don't beat them in the streets (this applies to Trump supporters and protesters), you learn to understand. If you haven't been kept up to date on the following days after the election, here's a little roundup:

Obama has said that his meeting with the president-elect went "extremely well" and wants him to "succeed because then the country succeeds". Trump has also said that Obama was a "great man" and is "hopeful with working with him" (c).

While repealing Obamacare was one of the main actions he planned to take in his first 100 days, he is now backing off of that plan. After his meeting with President Obama, he has decided to keep certain parts of the Affordable Care Act and simply find a solution to lower prices (c).

He wants to bar elected officials from lobbying for at least five years after they've served, and ban it permanently if they are lobbying for formal governments, leading to more merit-based elections and laws (c).

Withdrawing from TPP, an agreement that could destroy the working class and our freedom of expression (c).

Strengthen our immigration laws. Whether you agree or not, it is simply not okay for immigrants to illegally enter the country. They are breaking the law. I, however, do agree we should also make legal status more attainable for those who contribute (c).

Praised protestors for exercising their first Amendment right to free speech (c).

While I don't expect everyone to suddenly support this man, I do urge you to see this situation from a different perspective. He wants to prove to ALL Americans that he is the right man for this job.

Another thing to consider: Trump is not president yet, so is it fair for us to already judge him as the Commander in Chief? He hasn't even been sworn in and people are already expecting the worst. I sincerely hope he proves all of us wrong.

If you can't get behind this, rise above it. Don't let this election hinder you from succeeding. Mental toughness is key when dealing with hardship. Life will consistently throw you major curveballs like this because life is not fair and will not feel sorry for you.

To the radical Trump supporters: stop the assault on minorities, Donald Trump does not condone these actions and you are going against the very man you support not to mention basic human rights. Don't stand by, get involved. The only people you should be afraid of is each other. Nothing can change overnight. Do not judge based on what god they worship or what their skin color is.

To the peaceful protestors: I commend you. Make your voice be heard, that's what makes our country so great. I urge you to rise from the ashes and prove that even Donald Trump can't silence you. Love. It's what we need most right now.


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